Everlane is quickly gaining popularity for a reason. Not only do they have high-quality every day basics such as your new favorite silk button-down blouse and well-crafted loafers, but they are taking an approach to retail that isn't often seen: transparency in cost and manufacturing. Factories Finding the best and most ethical factories is a … Continue reading Everlane

What the F is a B Corp?

A certified B-Corporation is a business that meets high standards of environmental and social performance, accountability, and sustainability. Did you know that your favorites, such as Patagonia, Athleta, Eileen Fisher, and The Reformation are all certified B-Corps? In this case, the B stands for badass brands. Out of over 2,000 companies worldwide, there is something for … Continue reading What the F is a B Corp?

The fabrics that hold us together

Rayon (viscose). Polyester. Nylon. Silk. Linen. Tencel. Cotton. Textiles--what your clothes were before they were, well, clothes. Textile production is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Let's start with the basics-- Cotton Your favorite tee-shirt may not be so innocent. As one of the thirstiest plants, it takes 2,700 liters of water to … Continue reading The fabrics that hold us together

So what’s the deal with the fashion industry?

What is the impact of fashion? The fashion textile industry is the third most polluting industry in the world. Making textiles uses excessive water, harmful chemicals, energy, and other resources that many people don’t see–or even think about. Not to mention the often unsafe working conditions and unfair wages of factory workers worldwide. What is … Continue reading So what’s the deal with the fashion industry?