So what’s the deal with the fashion industry?

What is the impact of fashion?

The fashion textile industry is the third most polluting industry in the world. Making textiles uses excessive water, harmful chemicals, energy, and other resources that many people don’t see–or even think about. Not to mention the often unsafe working conditions and unfair wages of factory workers worldwide.

What is fast fashion?

When discussing “fast fashion,” many people might think of fast-changing trends and styles. While this is true, it actually includes global fashion companies such as Zara and H&M whose business models are based on consuming.

We live in a fast-paced society. Our communication methods are fast, food is fast, popular culture and trends are fast, so it makes sense that the very thing that is the portrayal of our outer identity is fast. But it doesn’t need to be.Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 8.37.16 PM.png

Does this mean I have to be boring with my fashion choices?

Absolutely not! A common misconception is that sustainable or eco-conscious brands produce boring, expensive, or even “hippie” clothing. While maybe a little true in the past, more and more companies are getting on board with making changes to their practices in order to be better. Not only this, but there are dozens of affordable brands that produce clothing that is actually better for the environment (and yourself) than ever before. Not everyone has the resources to redo their whole wardrobe, nor should you. Instead, make smarter choices. The issue with consumption must be brought to light and it begins with you.

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